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Q.  Why is it important to change the filters?
A.  Dirty filters can increase your system’s operating costs, damage equipment and reduce efficiency. 
Q.  How often should I change the filters?
A.  The filters should be changed every month during warmer months, when your air conditioner is running more. During the milder months, use your best judgment. 
Q.  How often should I have my unit serviced? 
A.  All air conditioning systems should be serviced twice a year. Services should be scheduled once in the spring, before the hot summer months and once in the fall, before winter begins. 
Q.  What does SEER mean?
A.  SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is a number that rates the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump according to procedures established by the Department of Energy. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient a unit is and the less it will cost to operate. 
Q.  What is a hybrid heat (dual fuel) system and what are its advantages?
A.  A dual fuel system is the most economical heating system available for our climate. The system employs a heat pump as the primary heating source for the home. The heat pump heats the house very effectively, down to between 25 and 30 degrees. Below this temperature range, a secondary heat source (usually a natural or L. P. gas furnace) is turned on intermittently to supplement the capacity of the heat pump. 
The primary advantage of a dual fuel system is low operating costs. Electric rates are very low in the winter because power providers build plants to meet summer peaks. In the winter they have excess generating capacity and offer power at reduced rates. 
Q.  My home has hot and cold areas. What is the cause and what can be done to improve this?
A.  These areas are not receiving the correct amount of air from your system to provide comfort. This could be corrected by something as simple as repairing a leaky duct or by adjusting manual balancing dampers, which located in the round branch ducts that feed air to the rooms. Many older duct systems have balancing dampers. 
The problem could relate to zoning. Homes with only one system don’t do a very effective job conditioning areas with different zones, such as upstairs areas and finished basements. If that is the case, a separate heating and cooling system or a motorized zone damper system may be the answer to your problem. An in-home evaluation would need to be conducted to determine which approach would be best.  

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